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Hawkeye's Event Calendar for November 2019

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Beer of the Month: Lagunitas IPA $4
          1 2
Shuttle Service is provided for ALL Home Bears, Hawks & Select Concerts
See Hawkeye’s staff for details
Catholic Academy Day!
Wednesday, November 9th
% of sales go back to the school
  Hawkeye's Shuttle ServiceDetroit @ Bulls 7pm Hawkeye's Shuttle ServiceSebastian Maniscalco @ UC 9pm

UFC 244 - 9pm
Boxing: DAZN, ESPN,
3 4 5 6 7 8 9
Daylight Savings Time Ends FALL BACK!!

Hawkeye's Shuttle ServiceTool @ United Center

Bears @ Eagles 12pm
  Election Day!!

Hawkeye's Shuttle ServiceLakers @ Bulls 7pm
Bridgeport Catholic Academy Day!
% of sales go back to the school
Hawkeye's Shuttle ServiceVancouver @ Hawks 7:30pm (Shuttle)

DAZN Boxing:
Donaire v Inoue
National Shot Day! Hawkeye's Shuttle ServiceHouston @ Bulls 7pm

Vernon v McKinson
10 11 12 13 14 15 16
OPEN @ 9am
Hawkeye's Shuttle ServiceDetroit @ Bears 12pm

Hawkeye's Shuttle ServiceToronto @ Hawks 6pm
Thanks to All who Serve.
Hawkeye's Shuttle ServiceKnicks @ Bulls 7pm

National Happy Hour Day!
  DAZN Boxing:
Gesta v Morales
  Brooklyn @ Bulls 5pm
(No Shuttle)

UFC Fight Night: Bachow-icz v Jacare

ESPN Boxing:
Farooq v McGregor
17 18 19 20 21 22 23
Hawkeye's Shuttle ServiceBuffalo @ Hawks 6pm

Bears @ Rams 7:20pm
Milwaukee @ Bulls 7pm
(No Shuttle)
Hawkeye's Shuttle ServiceCarolina @ Hawks 7:30pm Hawkeye's Shuttle ServiceDetroit @ Bulls 7pm
(No Shuttle)
Hawkeye's Shuttle ServiceTampa Bay @ Hawks 7:30pm Miami @ Bulls 7pm
(No Shuttle)

Lagunitas IPA
Promo 5pm
PPV Boxing:
Wilder v Ortiz

DAZN Boxing:
Ryder v Smith
24 25 26 27 28 29 30
Hawkeye's Shuttle ServiceNY Giants @ Bears 12pm Portland @ Bulls 7pm
(No Shuttle)
National Cake Day!

Hawkeye's Shuttle ServiceDallas @ Hawks 7:30pm
Black Wednesday!!

Hawkeye's Shuttle ServiceCher @ United Center

National Juke Box
Thanksgiving Day!
Bears @ Lions 11:30am
Black Friday!!

Hawkeye's Shuttle ServiceColorado @ Hawks 3pm
DAZN Boxing:
Besputin v Butaev
Beer of Month:  Lagunitas IPA $4

Shuttle Service for All and Blackhawks Home Games, and Special Events
Shuttle service is subject to change.
Please call for daily schedule. 312-226-3951 MORE INFO
Hawkeye's Shuttle Service

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